Calling all start-ups!

The behemoth search engines have made it so that you need to be seen on their front search results pages to have any chance of snagging your share of the market. But did you know that it can take up to three months for the search engines to even look at your website for ranking? That’s three months of being lost in the visibility wilderness.

How do you counter this? Well, you market your business via pay per click advertising, which has to be the most direct and efficient ways of getting your business out there to your potential customers. It is especially vital for start ups who need to build their customer base.

Unfortunately, pay per click advertising is also extremely complicated and people have been caught spending thousands of dollars for little effect, so you really need to know what you are doing to get bang for your pay-per-click buck.

We have put together affordable pay per click advertising packages which will see your web visits and customer calls increase. We are personable and accountable. We will hold monthly meetings with you to discuss campaign management and build strategies for ever more effective campaigns tailor-made for your target audience.

Established businesses

Do you want grow or tap into a new customer base?

You’re an established business. You are profitable and you have a loyal customer base. You’re also on top of your SEO and you are ranking well in the search engine results pages. That’s all you need to do, right?

We can help grow your business further and open new customer bases with a targeted and tailor-made pay per-click-advertising campaign specially designed to broaden your audience horizons. We are experts in identifying and exploiting new “niches” in your marketplace so you get the upper hand on your competitors. This will help your pay-per-click advertising spend go further, but also has the added advantage of funnelling customers through less used channels, which your competitors won’t think to use. It’s our way of helping you to work smarter not spend harder!

Don’t become another new Business Statistic.

We’ll help you to grow your business and become the market leader in your particular niche in no time!


Social Media Marketing

Don't waste your time on self-directed, piecemeal social media marketing. While it might make you feel like you're proactive, the social media sites are actually just farming your “dollars and cents” advertising which most experts in the field know has little, to no effect on building your customer base.

We have represented many clients who have spent thousands of dollars over the years on Facebook and Instagram promotions, yet many could not point to one new customer they were able to get through social media alone.

We can change this. We will get you potential clients through social media marketing avenues. We know how to get you noticed, with maximum impact and minimum spend. We will guide you through the social media advertising maze to ensure you advertise in the right spaces and target your audience for maximum effect.


Create a buzz around your business with effective social media campaigns, designed to attract paying customers.

It is easy to get caught up in meaningless “business building” activities on the big social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which don’t actually translate into cold hard sales.

For example, Instagram will tell you to get more followers as this will attract business, but is that really appropriate for local businesses? If you own a bakery in Newcastle, why would put all your efforts into attracting or paying for random followers from other countries, like Russia? How will this benefit you in a meaningful way? While it is nice to have a heap of fans on social media, it means nothing, unless they purchase your goods or services. In the case of the bakery, your international followers will not buy a loaf of bread from you every day, however a local might. As an added benefit, reviews from locals will encourage other locals to try your business. This is the type of attention you want from your social media efforts, and we can get it for you!

We will increase your brand awareness and sales. How? Our individualised and targeted campaigns will attract quality views and real customers to your business.

We know what the locals want and makes them tick! We’re based in Newcastle, so we know the region and its local surrounds. We guarantee you will attract and get more local followers with our social media marketing campaigns, individualised to make your business stand out from the crowd.


The statistics don’t lie. Most new businesses fold within two years of establishment. These days, the difference between success and failure can be as simple as having a visible online presence and an effective digital marketing campaign.

Don’t become another new business statistic. We’ll help you to grow your business and become the market leader in your particular niche in no time!

Get your digital house in order from the outset and give your start-up a nitro boost with our new business packages which include:
  • Website design and implementation;
  • Search engine optimisation programs;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Pay per click campaign management;
  • Blogs specifically designed to enhance your reputation, compliment your digital marketing strategy and increase your website’s rank with the search engines.


Big ideas, expert execution, local know how.

Are you a Nova-Castrian start-up? We're the online presence and digital marketing experts for you!

Forget being caught up in the churn of the big service providers! They don’t know your business, and the most certainly won’t know Newcastle, the surrounding region, and its inhabitants. We, like you, are based in Newcastle. We are small enough to care, yet big enough to get you noticed by your future customers from the local area and beyond!


Although we could list the things our competitors do, which we will not do, we prefer to “accentuate the positives.”

So, instead, we’ll tell you all the things we WILL do to increase traffic to your website and then convert it into inquiries and sales.

  • visit you and get to know you and your business;
  • work collaboratively with you to develop practical strategies to boost your business;
  • provide you with bespoke, affordable web services, designed to meet your business and budgetary needs;
  • continuously review our work and seek ways to improve upon it;
  • Remain accountable to you via useful and easy to understand reporting;


We will design and develop your search engine optimised website so site visitors can find what they want with minimum hassle.

This will engender a feeling of confidence in your site users which helps to convert web-surfers into loyal clients.

We will also update your site’s content to accord with particular marketing campaigns and strategies.


We can update your website so people can find you, which will make it more effective in attracting new customers to your business.

We do not draft content just to cram in keywords which we think will rank. We will consult with you so we can understand your business, your products and service offerings. We will then use this knowledge to generate relevant content, optimised to rank with search engines, large and small.

Our intelligent, insightful and useful content will enhance your reputation and help to make your website one of influence. This, in turn, will make your site the preferred website for existing and potential customers.


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